Dying Light Enhanced Edition & The Following Release Date Announced

Techland have made not one, but two announcements today regarding their latest survival-horror title, Dying Light. Firstly, The Following – the latest expansion – has officially been given a release date of February 9. As previously covered, The Following will see, among other things, Dying Light’s gameplay expanded upon through a new map/setting as well as the introduction of drivable vehicles. However, more surprisingly, on the same day they will be releasing what is being described as the Enhanced Edition to the game, which sees a host of gameplay and graphical improvements to the original which came out earlier this year in January.

Along with an enhanced version of the title, this edition will come bundled with The Following expansion together with all additional content and future updates. Improvements will include a new Nightmare difficulty, new parkour moves, enhanced visuals, improved AI and performance upgrades to console iterations among others. Those who already own Dying Light can download the enhanced upgrade as a patch completely free when they purchase The Following. If you’re still unsure on whether you register for the free upgrade or not, Techland have fortunately offered a helpful diagram to help players determine which group they fall into which you can view here.