Get Educated on ‘RIGS’ in This PSX Livecast Coverage

Developed by Guerrilla Cambridge, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is an upcoming first-person competitive arena-shooter on PlayStation VR.

With a PlayStation VR headset on, players will primarily aim by looking via headset head-tracking and move with their controller. However, since they are in a mech (a RIG) in-game, players can jump and maneuver nimbly, zooming, hovering, and dashing in mid-air. The match-type in particular shown at PSX is PowerSlam, essentially basketball where the players are the ball. The only time a player can be the ball and score, however, is when they are in overdrive. To get into overdrive, the player needs to kill members of the enemy team. This means that the match hinges of the survival of the most lethal players. The different RIGS themselves seem to be classes, meaning players won’t be able to truly customize the different gameplay aspects of their RIGS, but rather must purchase different ones meant for different roles.

See the PSX livecast coverage of RIGS: Mechanized Combat League in the video below, complete with 60 FPS gameplay.

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