Cuddle Up with Yarny in New Yuletide Video

Throw a few logs into the fireplace, pour a mug of hot chocolate and snuggle with your favorite yarn-based character. Winter may be cold-hearted but Yarny will keep you warm and cozy.

Developer, Coldwood, wants you to get ready for their platforming title, Unravel, coming early next year. Much like the fireplace footage played on a loop during the holidays, Coldwood is doing the same but with Yarny to keep you company. Just don’t let him get too close to the flames.

The yuletide footage plays for nearly an hour but Yarny keeps it interesting by popping up in different spots. Stay warm this holiday season with the video below and watch for Unravel to arrive for PC, Xbox One and PS4 in the near future. Stay tuned for more Unravel news coming soon.