Greenlight and High-Octane Trailer Launched for Intergalactic Race Warriors

What do you get if you blend a little bit of Sonic the Hedgehog, some Tiny Wings, and a big heavy scoop of the combat racer of your choice?  Something that looks an awful lot like Intergalactic Race Warriors would be my best guess.  It landed on Greenlight today with a high-speed trailer bursting with action and really nice pixel art, backed up by an electric guitar soundtrack that perfectly drives the action.   The game takes place in a combat racing tournament over the side-scrolling surfaces of a number of alien worlds, battling it out with your fully-customizable car against everything a crazed pack of alien racers can throw at you while catching insane air off the hills, tumbling through the air to target the opponents coming up on your rear.  The trailer below showcases a month’s development work, so there’s still plenty left to do to knock the game into shape.  More cars, car parts, and characters, branching levels, a story mode, online multiplayer, and plenty of planets to race over, under, and through are in the works.  Intergalactic Race Warriors has the look and feel of a lost Genesis cartridge, or more likely Sega CD thanks to that soundtrack, and it’s always a good time for high-speed heavy-impact combat racing in a 16-bit style.