Microsoft Working to Make Xbox 360 Games Available to Buy on Xbox One

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, says his team is working on a solution to making Xbox 360 titles available for purchase on Xbox One.

Xbox 360 backwards compatibility became a reality last month on Xbox One, but with a catch. While gamers could download Xbox 360 games they already owned from the Xbox Live Marketplace, they couldn’t buy any new titles. Anyone wishing to purchase an Xbox 360 game, and play it on Xbox One, would either have to purchase from the online store or through an Xbox 360. A fan asked Phil Spencer whether or not this would be fixed, and Phil responded saying that the Xbox team is working on a solution.

Backwards compatibility launched last month as part of a huge Xbox One update, which also overhauled the system’s user interface. There are a total of 104 Xbox 360 games compatible with Xbox One, though more will be added each month. Hopefully you’ll be able to purchase these from the Xbox Live Marketplace on Xbox One someday.