PS4 SHAREfactory Receives Slow-Mo, Timelapse and More

The Playstaion SHAREfactory app, has received an update today. In an announcement earlier, a range of new features were outlined.  Reacting to user feedback, the update will allow users to “add slow motion and time lapse effects to their SHAREfactory videos”.  This is a welcome change from the comparatively restrictive abilities of the previous version.  A list of additional features was also published, which can be seen below:

  • Layering for stickers and text (now referred to as overlays)
  • Two new music tracks
  • Three new filter effects
  • Three new wipe transitions and five new dissolve transitions
  • New Colour Picker. Text color is no longer constrained to a limited color palette

Along with these changes, SHAREfactory Events was detailed.  These “will be held by your favourite game developers and publishers. They’ll lay out specific video creation requirements and you get to show off your editing skills”.