Another Splatling Available for Splatoon Tonight

Splatlings are becoming more and more popular in Splatoon with another gun coming tonight. The Zink Mini Splatling makes it way to the game and it’s looking to mow down every Inkling in its way.

The new weapon comes with Disruptors to slow down your opponents in order to make splatting them easier. Its special is the Bubbler, giving you even more of a push through enemy territory. As with all Splatlings they have great range and power, so there’s definitely reason to worry when you see these pop up.

The Zink Mini Splatling is currently the only weapon from the Zink brand, we’ll have to be on the look out for more in the future. It will be available at 6 PM PT, just talk to Sheldon, he’ll fill you in on the details.