Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International Pinball Revealed

Stern and Jersey Jack are the two best-known pinball names in town, but Spooky Pinball is also making new tables and just announced its second creation, Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International.  It’s a sharp looking effort, too, with plenty of good-looking toys decorating the playfield and a full-color LED display.  The Rob Zombie theme is backed up by ten licensed songs, voice acting from Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie, plus Sig Haig voicing Captain Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses.  The game ships in family mode, suitable for all audiences (up to a reasonable limit), but that can be deactivated to have Rob Zombie and crew swear like motherf…exceptionally rude people in adult mode.  It’s a nice-looking package, and limited to only 300 units, so if you want to get on the list head to Spooky Pinball’s web page and plunk down your $1,000 non-refundable deposit.  Production doesn’t start until this February, and continues until the final unit ships 18 months later, but the result is a highly limited piece that’s going to be of great interest to both pinball collectors and Rob Zombie fans.