1997’s Turok Makes a Mystifying Return

There’s no shortage of remakes nowadays but, even by current standards, some are more unexpected than others.  Today’s announcement is that Turok, formerly best known for highlighting the N64’s amazing ability to render unheard of levels of fog, has been brushed up and given a quick shine for a PC re-release.  Turok had a PC version way back when, but it came out well after the N64 version did and went up against Quake II.  Now the PC version is getting a second crack at life on December 17, with Night Dive Studios poking at its code and adding a few features for modern gaming.

The fog has been pushed back substantially, and the Steam page promises “improved gameplay and level design” that, hopefully, is there specifically so you can’t see enemies standing stock-still where once the 20-foot draw distance would have hidden them.  The update will also support widescreen, full resolution and key binding functions, and graphic flourishes like dynamic lighting and light shafts.

It still doesn’t look like something that would tax a 3DFX Voodoo2 graphics card, with simple environments and blocky characters, but somehow that works out fine.  Turok appears to make no apologies for being an early N64 game with just enough tweaking to knock off the 18-year-old graphic quirks best forgotten in the past, and it should be good fun to see how playing it today matches up to my memories from when the series was relevant.