Watch Seven Minutes of Gameplay for Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International Pinball

Spooky Pinball announced last week that Rob Zombie was getting his own fully-licensed table, complete with ten songs, in a limited edition run of 300 units.  Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International is mostly complete at this point, with a little work left to be done before it starts full production in February, and that means it’s in good enough shape to show off.  Charlie Emery, El Presidente for Life of Spooky Games, grabbed a camera and took the glass off the machine to show off as many game modes as he could rack up in a single play, with a little bit of help from some late-game cheating.  What it shows is a nice-looking table with good ramp and target placement, several modes to earn multiball, and things get nicely out of hand for the 7-ball multiball in the House of 1,000 Corpses mode.  I’ll admit I thought the table looked a bit too open when I saw the first pictures of it, but seeing it in action has me wanting to dump a nice pile of quarters into the machine to put it through its paces.

While the video does come with a disclaimer that it’s not being played in family mode, so might get a bit swear-y, I didn’t hear any while watching so it’s probably safe enough for work, if you can get away with watching videos at work.