Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Season of Infamy’ DLC Details Revealed

While general consensus on Batman: Arkham Knight’s DLC hasn’t been roaring, there has been a stream of it post-launch. The latest in Batman: Arkham Knight’s downloadable content is called “Season of Infamy”. Previously detailed in the game’s Season Pass description, “Season of Infamy” looks to be a series of different side missions focusing on Arkham universe Batman villains who didn’t have a featured segment in the main game. Included in the upcoming DLC are the resurrected Ra’s al Ghul, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter and Mr. Freeze.

There looks to be some meat with this one, and it looks like it takes place chronologically on the same night as the game’s main story. Given the roster of new villains, fans may get some questions answered about the aftermath of Batman: Arkham City.

See the details for yourself in the energetic season finale to Arkham Insider below. The Season of Infamy DLC is out December 22, and will be included in Batman: Arkham Knight’s season pass.

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