Rocksteady Leaves the Door Open for More Batman Games

We’ve already covered most of the big details from Rocksteady Studios’s latest “Arkham Insider” video series, most of which dealt with Batman: Arkham Knight’s upcoming “Season of Infamy” downloadable content, but one crucial detail went unsung: Rocksteady isn’t closing the door on making another Arkham game.

Batman: Arkham Knight was billed as the end of Rocksteady’s mainline Arkham trilogy and even its involvement with Batman altogether as the studio moves on to other projects (like Superman, perhaps). But Rocksteady’s latest “Arkham Insider” installment casts doubt on the studio’s future plans.

“So Seth, are you saying categorically that this is the end of the road for Rocksteady and Batman?” asked Rocksteady Brand Marketing Director Brax Dinn.

“Well—” Arkham Knight Game Director Sefton Hill started before being cut off.

Given that “Arkham Insider” is an official Rocksteady production and not a leak from an interview or a misinterpretation of a wayward tweet, it’s safe to say that Rocksteady probably wouldn’t even be addressing the issue if it didn’t plan to return to the franchise in due time. Maybe the studio is taking a break to make a different game (like Superman, perhaps) as a palate cleanser before returning to the Arkham series, or maybe the plan is finally to make that Silver Age Batman game we’ve all heard rumors about for so long.