Screenshot Saturday Featuring XCOM 2, Zigfrak, Hardland, Eleven Others

It’s the last Screenshot Saturday before Christmas but there’s no stopping it now, especially with a Ludum Dare just ending a few days ago.  There are endless games in various states of development to show off, from a nearly-complete AAA blockbuster to incredible amounts of smaller titles in concept art and character design stages, plus every point in between.  This feature is a dozen images picked from the hundreds shown weekly, based on no other criteria than how well something caught my eye, and like any screenshots the promise of quality is hoped for, and even likely, but never guaranteed.  As usual, don’t forget to click on any arrows on the images, because the ones that move are much more fun if they get the chance to show off what makes them special.

Slash Quest-  A small knight wields a smallish sword, but his weapon grows and gets more unwieldy with every defeated enemy.  The theme for this Ludum Dare was growth and/or two-button controls, and Slash Quest uses both of these features.  The A key swings counterclockwise while D swings the other way, and holding both together makes the little guy run in the direction the sword is pointed.  It’s a little tricky at first, especially as the sword has more momentum the bigger it gets, but the game is short enough to beat in a single sitting.  It’s also got the single cutest sword ever.

XCOM 2-  Oh look, classic Marvel comics Nick Fury!  I can’t help but wonder if he’s got a Howling Commando backing him up.

Unknown-  Maybe this is from a game or maybe the developer just likes making low-res and -poly transforming robots.  There’s several more on his Twitter feed and they’re all fun to see, and I hope they show up in a game that puts them to good use.

Unknown Again-  There’s a game behind this procedurally-generated city but it hasn’t been announced yet.  What’s on display here is a city constructed from a seed, with streets and buildings arrayed in a way that begs for exploration.

Domina- A game of gladiator management and combat, where your champions fight for glory and not being lion food in the arenas of Rome.  Raise them, train them, and then jump into the colosseum and fight using the skills and specialties you’ve worked on, hoping that the strings you pulled make the arena more favorable to you pay off.  Or maybe get eaten by a lion.  One of those two.

Jump Tanks- Team-based arena battler that looks to be equal parts Virtua On and PS1 Ghost in the Shell.  You can play in teams or alone with AI supporters, jumping through cityscapes in your 20-foot-tall tank, dodging bullets and missiles and stompy-tanks dropping from high above.  There’s an alpha sign-up over at the developer’s site, too.

Beat Bear-  Another game with very little info on it, Beat Bear stars a fat honey-seeking bear with a mean claw-swipe and really cute, nicely animated pixel art.

Zigfrak: Backyard BBQ Expansion-  This third-person space shooter has been out for a while, but this week’s screens are from the in-development Backyard BBQ expansion.  Zigrfak is basically Diablo in space, where enemies pop out loot that you can sell or equip, depending on usefulness.  It’s a fun, colorful blast of arcade-style space shooting, although the UI is maybe a bit too cluttered.

Unknown-  While this game doesn’t seem to have a name yet, it does have just about everything else.  Specifically, it’s got racing skiers with rockets on their backs speeding along an F-Zero-style track made of ice and snow, floating in the arctic waters.

Sign Motion – Detour-  The original Sign Motion came out on Steam over a year ago, but Detour takes the basic idea and expands it in every direction.  The puzzle-platformer now has a deeper plot, an enhanced art style, and new character abilities.  It’s well worth the time to give the teaser trailer a watch to see everything in action.

Corpses ‘N Souls-  A Metroidvania fusing fantasy, horror, and science fiction together, Corpses ‘N Souls is as much about the incredible 2D art and particle effects as it is the adventuring.  The game’s description is incredibly ambitious, featuring tons of loot, a massive, interconnected 2D world, minions, crafting, weather effects, etc, and I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see how well it comes together.

Hardland-  Open-world action RPG currently in Early Access.  While it looks really nice, I have to question anyone who pierces their chest in quite that way.  I’m feeling pretty certain that’s not how it’s supposed to work.


Changing tech-  Screenshot technology has come a long, long way.

Like the sheep says, have a fun and festive week, everyone!