We’re One Day Away from Finding Out What Bandai Namco’s Mysterious Game is

Earlier this week, Bandai Namco let us know that something strange was on the horizon when it launched a countdown site with the hashtag #MysteriousGame. While we can all agree that a less literal hashtag might have made this announcement go a bit more viral, there’s still something oddly enticing about knowing something new is on the horizon. As of the time of this writing, there are only 24 hours left until the reveal of whatever this project is.

There have been a couple of theories that have emerged as to what this announcement is going to be for. Some are convinced that this is going to be an announcement to something relating to the God Eater franchise, as the quick screenshots that pop up on the countdown site appear to be from God Eater 2, according to sleuths over at Siliconera. This is supported by a recent European trademark filing for a “God Eater Resurrection” this week.

The other theory is related to a November European trademark for Tap My Katamari, though this entire advertising campaign has seemed a bit too dark to be related to what seems to be a mobile Katamari title. Then again, this would make for a pretty good surprise diversion, would it not?

With only one day remaining, the questions that the Internet has been asking are set to end. Let us know what you think Bandai Namco’s mysterious new game is in the comments below.