Winter Sports Game ‘SNOW’ Going into Open Beta

We’ve been covering Poppermost’s SNOW for a long time. Like a long time We previewed the game back in February 2014 (that’s almost two years for those keeping score) and announced the game was going into closed beta nearly a year ago. We were hoping that it would be fully release by now, but alas that has not been the case. Instead the game will be heading into Open Beta for PC on January 27.

The open beta will include all of the features and premium events from the closed beta, but new content will include an expanded, cooperative skiing experience, so friends can experience the mountain together in multiplayer. The game’s visuals have also been improved.

Key features for the open beta include:

– Free-Roam Multiplayer – Ski with friends like in real life and explore the mountain together.
– Brand-New Competitive Mode – Compete in a series of events and top the leaderboards. Speed will prove helpful, but having a great variety of tricks is also necessary to master all types of events.
– Continuously Growing List of Partnerships – SNOW offers a vast selection of real-world winter sports brands and pros.
– An Expanded, Open World Mountain – Players can now explore more than 20 unique areas on the mountain, offering gameplay elements for every type of skiing.

For more on SNOW, read our interview with Poppermost’s CEO Alexander Bergendahl and watch the announcement teaser below: