Epic Games’ MOBA Paragon Gets Detailed Tutorial Video

Paragon, the upcoming MOBA from Epic Games, has just gotten a tutorial video showing off how the game’s systems and combat play out in its current alpha build.

The video is nearly five minutes long and is clearly meant to explain how a MOBA game works to any alpha testers without much experience with this kind of game, but there’s still plenty of great footage to digest here even for genre veterans.

For instance, to move faster across the map, Paragon characters can enter “travel mode,” which is basically the roadie run from Gears of War with a longer windup; try to attack or use an ability in travel mode and you’ll stop running, but if you yourself are attacked while in travel mode, you’ll be “rooted in place” for a moment. There’s a real risk/reward system in place there. You can probably see how a mechanic as simple as “moving faster” that’s inconsequential in other games could actually have dramatic effects to the pace and strategies in a MOBA: imagine players trying to bait others into entering travel mode only to ambush them to take advantage of that temporary immobility.

Paragon will go into paid Early Access for Steam and PS4 in Spring 2016.