Rare Releases Footage of Cancelled SNES Game ‘Project Dream’

Rare has released footage of Project Dream, their unreleased action RPG which was to be released on the SNES and later N64, and precursor to Banjo-Kazooie.

During the video, the developers explain that Donkey Kong, point-and-click adventures, and Japanese RPGs gave them the inspiration to develop Dream, which eventually came to be known as Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo 64.

The narrative of Dream was about a boy named Edison, who ran into some trouble with pirates led by Captain Blackeye. The pirates were not the traditional pirates we would expect to find in the sea, but built and used huge airships that required a material called “floaty,” which granted flight, thus made conquering the lands much easier.

Sadly the game became too ambitious, as well as too different to Rare’s other games. After a few changes, Banjo-Kazooie was born.

Check out the video here: