Transistor Sells Over One Million Copies

It’s always a cause for celebration when an acclaimed indie game reaches a notable milestone, and going on to sell a million copies is quite notable indeed. So let us welcome Transistor as the latest member of the seven-figure club, as Supergiant Games revealed in a celebratory blog post over the holidays. In addition to highlighting where to find discounts for both Transistor and fellow isometric RPG Bastion in recent holiday sales and going over their year in review, the studio mentioned that Transistor had indeed wrapped up 2015 having sold over a million versions of it, after kicking off the year with more than 600,000 copies sold.

“With Transistor having sold more than a million copies now, and Bastion having sold more than three million, we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to stick together as a team and with any luck keep making the kinds of games that resonate with you for a long time to come,” said Supergiant. And with these kinds of numbers, hopefully such future quality games will garner even more attention.