Two New Battleborn Characters ‘Ghalt’ and ‘Deande’ Revealed

Ghalt and Deande are the two newest heroes to be announced for Gearbox’s FPS/Moba, Battleborn. In a set of videos made with IGN, they revealed the two and talked about the different things that they can do.

Deande is a super evil spy that has turned good after she defects from the devilish plans of the Lord Commander Lothar Rendain. She uses her War Fans to slice up enemies from both up close and at a distance. R2 will swing the fan up close and L2 will launch it at enemies.

Like all of the other characters in Battleborn, Deande’s abilities go past the fans and her’s are extremely unique. She can send out a clone that will distract her enemy, while she sneaks behind them invisibly and attacks them from behind. Once she does, though, the clone will explode and Deande will gain 25 times her normal damage output for a short time. The guys in the video called this ability “Holotwin.”

Being an agile assassin, Deande’s other ability launches her forward in a devastating attack called “Burst Dash.” This does 200 times damage and will knock enemies back, leaving them with thirty percent less attack output. Once she’s built up enough power, she can unleash her ultimate ability called “Blink Storm.” Blink Storm delivers ten strikes that both stun enemies in its path and deal fifty damage per.

Deande is powerful in the way she moves across the battlefield with ease while using stealth and deception to overcome her opponents. On the other side of the coin is a tank, a hero who uses brute force to beat his or her enemies into submission. That is Ghalt, the veteran Peacekeeper.

Ghalt’s story begins alongside Battleborn’s, as he has been fighting the good fight since this all started. Ghalt will be a key player both in the story of Battleborn as well as the competitive battlefield. Ghalt’s main weapon is a revolver shotgun that does enormous amounts of damage from close up. As a tank, though, getting up close can be hard, so Ghalt has his opponents come to him.

His first ability is a hook/chain that wraps around enemies and pulls them in close, which then allows Ghalt to fire his shotgun at a more effective range. Combined with his other ability, a trap that holds an enemy still and does damage over time, will create a devastating combo.

Ghalt passive skill hikes up the last four rounds in his shotgun to 25 times its normal damage output. This goes well with his ultimate ability, which involves a second shotgun. Yep, it’s called Dual Wield and it’s just a second revolver shotgun. It sounds a bit boring, but that’s double the damage over the same amount of time, so it is sure to do the trick.

Both of these new characters seem interesting both in how they play and how they fit into the story of Battleborn.