Final Fantasy IX Coming to PC, Smartphones in 2016

Square Enix is set to release Final Fantasy IX on PC, iOS, and Android devices sometime in the near future.

The publisher and developer made the announcement via its Japanese site, and, as of this time, only announced the port for Japan. Considering that every other pre-Final Fantasy IX title has been released on PC across the world, its a safe bet that Final Fantasy IX will be released on PC worldwide. iOS and Android is a different matter as Final Fantasy VIII has yet to launch on those platforms. We’ll update you when Square Enix announces a worldwide release date.

Final Fantasy IX is the ninth entry in the franchise, and follows the adventures of Zidane, Vivi, and Princess Garnet as they battle the villainous Kuja. The game is heralded as one of the better Final Fantasy titles, and is considered the last traditional entry before Square Enix fully committed to the futuristic settings of recent titles.