Final Fantasy XV Really Truly Honestly Launching in 2016

Final Fantasy XV has been a long time coming but, as of today, there’s less than 365 days left until the game’s release.  How many days less is anyone’s guess, but according to a Square Enix blog post by Hajime Tabata, the director of FFXV, it’s definitely happening this year some time.  The work requiring “wisdom and strength” is done, and now all that’s left is a final phase needing “effort and willpower”.  It’s a little hard to say why the former takes more time than the latter, but if the result is a new single-player Final Fantasy getting a release within a reasonable period of time then I’m willing to pass on the fine details and hope for the best.  It’s a new year, and with it is hope of a new Final Fantasy.  And The Last Guardian too, proving conclusively that 2016 is a year of gaming miracles.