Gosu Might be Headed to a Challenger or LCS Team

[Update: Gosu is not joining a team, but is going through a rough time right now. If you follow him you likely know what it is. If not you can head here for the details. We wish Gosu the best during this time.]

Via his twitter page challenger ADC Hi Im Gosu has a “huge” announcement he’s looking to share come January 10.

The speculation comes after a sort of whirlwind month for the League of Legends streamer. In early December Gosu started streaming using a mic so that people could hear him and has recently posted pictures of himself on Twitter.

Those two things would normally mean absolutely nothing but in the case of Gosu they mean a lot if you knew about him before all of this. Other than his impressive skill in League of Legends Gosu was known for two things. Nobody knew what he looked like and nobody had a clue what he sounded like. This caused people to always speculate who he was and in a failed attempt to ask his sex it was decided that he was a girl–or more specifically a “grill.”

That’s basically the origins story of how Gosu came to such League of Legends fame. The pictures and the mic are believed to be him becoming more accustomed with being in the public eye. He’s also stated himself that he’s received numerous offers from LCS and Challenger teams. It’s hard to imagine that his “huge” announcement isn’t LCS related, but whatever it is we’ll find out January 10.

[Source: lolGosu]