Honest Game Trailers Takes Aim at GoldenEye

GoldenEye 007 revolutionized console shooters. While much, if not most, of that credit goes to Halo when you hear people talk about first-person shooters on consoles, the truth is, GoldenEye was the first big successful FPS in the console world. But, despite paving the way for so many games to come after it, if anyone has gone back through the game recently, they’ll notice just how poorly the game has held up. In fact, the game is virtually unplayable these days thanks to some awful controls and horrid graphics. But even so, the game holds so much nostalgia for so many people that its inability to withstand the test of time isn’t all that important.

Thus, it makes the perfect game for Honest Game Trailers. For the uninitiated, Honest Game Trailers is a series of videos that cover popular games by splicing together trailers to brutually honest narrations that highlight a game’s flaws. They’ve taken on the likes of Destiny, Evolve, Halo, Guitar Hero and countless other big titles, but their latest takes aim at GoldenEye. And it’s wonderfully hilarious.

Nevertheless, despite it having aged not-so-gracefully, we hope to see the game show up on the eShop at some point in the future.