Star Citizen’s VR Future Should Begin in 2016

Star Citizen, which recently surpassed the $100 million mark in its long crowd-funding journey, is set to have some sort of VR focus in 2016, according to Roberts Space Industries CEO Chris Roberts. In an interview with RoadtoVR, Roberts mentioned that the massive project, which has definitely illicited anger and confusion from fans and backers across the globe, will embrace virtual reality, but development has largely been focused on releasing the Alpha 2.0 build.

The Frankfurt team… [includes many of] the guys that originally did the VR work at Crytek so they know it pretty well but I would be expecting it to get up to speed with the most recent [VR] stuff sometime early next year.

This comment is definitely vague, which should be expected given that Star Citizen has been one of the most baffling development projects since the dawn of crowdfunding. One thing is certain though: we will need to see more from Star Citizen over the next calendar year, otherwise there will be a ton of angry gamers floating around out there.