Crash Bandicoot Unreal 4 Fan Project is Coming Along Nicely

YouTube user and talented Unreal Engine 4 game developer Anisotropic has been working on a Crash Bandicoot re-creation in Unreal 4. Answering to fans and viewers, Anisotropic has posted a progress report of sorts in the form a partial remake of the “Tomb Wader” level from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped on the original PlayStation.

Update: Anisotropic is one hardworking man by the name of Doğa Can Yanıkoğlu. The Computer Engineering major at TOBB University of Economics & Technology, Turkey, set out to remake his favorite level, Tomb Wader, in Unreal Engine 4. But when the video of his progress got over 10,000 views in a day, Doğa began considering doing a full remake of all thirty levels from Crash Bandicoot 3.

First thing’s first though, Doğa’s main goal is to finish remaking Tomb Wader. So far, he has been working on this for about a month, having created over 25 blueprints and subsequent optimizations. Doğa has even redesigned the level layout itself, spending a fair chunk of time tweaking it and making it work best with the engine. Doğa plans to contact the original game’s copyright owner after finishing Tomb Wader.

The video below shows many updates to rendering, textures, work-in-progress features, as well as the completed bonus level. Here’s hoping we can see more of Doğa’s great work in the future.