Upcoming Indies for Xbox One Still on Track

Looking through Microsoft’s latest announcement – more specifically, their list of upcoming titles for Xbox One – some may be able to spot the lack of a few certain indie titles gracing what the company describe as but a mere ‘snapshot’ of their schedule in 2016. Well marketing executive Aaron Greenberg has assured fans that the three little big-hitters in Cuphead, Below & Inside will all see a release sometime this year.

‘Those are three huge ID titles,’ Greenberg explained via Gamertag Radio. ‘None of these titles do we want to rush but [Cuphead] is one of the big exclusives we’re looking forward to for 2016 and the game is fantastic, and we’ll want to make sure it’s released when it’s ready. But it’s absolutely planning to come out in 2016 and as we get closer to timing we’ll share more details.’

Cuphead was undoubtedly one of 2015’s highlights from a preview stand-point and while there’s been less information concerning both Capy’s Below as well as PlayDead’s Inside – the latter developer perhaps best known for creating the critically-acclaimed physics-based platformer, Limbo – there’s been little interest lost in the meantime for Xbox’s roster of indie titles.