Dying Light Includes Thrilling New Fan-Made Content

Before the release of Dying Light: The Following, fans can add some thrill to their zombie survival fun right now. Steam user, Cabozzi, designed and created their own expansion to the game called ‘Harran: The Ride.’ Techland was so impressed with the quality of work, they had to showcase Cabozzi’s creation and share it with all fans.

Several survivors are trapped inside an abandoned theme park surrounded by zombies and it’s up to you to save them. You’ll get to hop aboard a thrilling roller coaster while zombies try to jump on you from above. It’s scary (although not as much as Kingda Ka), but you at least can make a quick getaway.

Theme parks can be germ-infested, but at least there’s no zombies when you’re trying to eat a bacon-wrapped turkey leg. Check out the teaser trailer for Harran: The Ride below and check it out for yourself.