PSA: PAX South Badges Are Still Available

Now that the holidays are done pillaging the finances of gamers far and wide with the need to buy gifts and take advantage of sales, it seemed a good idea to point out that badges for the upcoming PAX South event are still available. While more low key than its Prime and East big brothers, it is still a darn good reason to escape the winter for a weekend and geek out with like minded nerds.

This year is shaping up to be an interesting one. Cliff Bleszinski will be there to kick off the festivities with the keynote speech. There are panels galore from the likes of Rooster Teeth, Angry Joe, Firaxis, and more. It also provides a chance to check out upcoming games, both big and small. These events tend to be how I discover under hyped titles like Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Freedom PlanetOne cannot forget about the never ending 3DS Streetpasses and the ability to randomly throw down in a game with passers by and line mates.

Another huge feature is this year’s excellent band line up. Friday brings the always entertaining Bit Brigade, the master rhymesmith M.C. Frontalot and a group called Protomen. I hear some people like them. Saturday evening has one of the best game music cover bands, The Returners, opening up. After that, The Doubleclicks, followed by Paul and Storm, will take the stage to close the night in hilarious fashion.

Almost forgot about looking at the awesome cosplay. (Photo credit:

Almost forgot about looking at the awesome cosplay. (Photo credit:

If it sounds like I’m shilling, well, I kind of am. This event was fun last year and I left with some great memories. With what is on tap, it’s looking to improve the experience. It would be a shame for people not to go because they didn’t know about it. Those who decide to skip it will, of course, be able to read about the highlights on this very site, but anyone able is highly encouraged to check it out.