‘Twitch Plays Punch Club’ Unveiled, Game Release Hinges on Completion

At E3 and PAX last year, up-and-coming indie game publisher tinyBuild showed off Punch Club, a quirky ’90s-inspired boxing simulator from Lazy Bear Games with Sims-esque management gameplay and a lot of humor and charm. It impressed a lot of gamers such as myself, and left us wondering when it would eventually be released. Today, the game finally showed up for pre-order on Steam, but without a release date set. As it turns out, tinyBuild has planned something…unique in mind for the game’s release, to say the least.

Yes, as the below video states, in the tradition of Twitch Plays Pok√©mon, Twitch Plays Dark Souls, and other similar projects, we now have Twitch Plays Punch Club. As the name suggests, it’s a special version of Punch Club that you can play right here on Twitch with several other viewers, where the in-game actions are voted upon in the chat. The twist is that tinyBuild will not actually release the game until the Twitch players have actually completed it all the way through.

So, can the “Twitch Plays” format actually handle a completely new game? Will the community work together? Is this bit of marketing insane or genius? Possibly the latter, since it’s at least getting us to talk about the game right now, which means they’re doing something right. But hey, Punch Club is a game that deserve more attention anyway. So here’s hoping that the chaos of Twitch can be harnessed for the powers of good for once…