Tim Schafer Talks New Psychonauts 2 Campaign Updates, AMA

With the crowdfunding campaign for Psychonauts 2 resulting in a fully funded success, the owner of developer Double Fine, Tim Schafer, has some more new updates on what’s going down for the remainder of the game’s campaign. Fans of the first creative and funny Psychonauts game may already know that one of the contributor rewards for the sequel crowdfunding campaign is a plushy of main character Raz. On top of that now, a new plushy of the tough-as-nails Lili will be added as another reward in the near future.

Tim Schafer also announced a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) that’s happening on Monday, 11 AM PST. So fans eagerly anticipating the game can take that chance to find out if the Milkman’s milk is indeed still delicious. The game’s crowdfunding campaign ends Tuesday at 1 PM PST, but the developers at Double Fine will be holding a live-stream two hours before that so people can join in their celebration.

See Tim Schafer tell you all of that himself in the video below. Psychonauts 2 is currently targeted for a 2018 release.