New ‘Paragon’ Alpha Gameplay Updates Video

With the second online test for the new upcoming MOBA “Paragon” from Epic Games, Alpha testers will be getting some pretty essential stuff in the form of text chat, death-cams, and a co-op game mode for practicing against AI-controlled bots.

Epic Games’ new third-person shooter and MOBA genre hybrid takes a different turn on the equipment game found in many popular MOBAs with its card system. Players will get new card packs and use those to build decks and upgrade other cards for use in combat. These cards include a variety of buffs, items, and gear. Paragon has things people will find familiar from Epic’s other games too, and will contain an interesting amount of strategizing because of that.

See the update video for Paragon’s second online test below. Paragon is planned for an open beta on PC and PlayStation 4 this Spring.