The Mirror’s Edge’s Prologue Recreation in Dying Light Looks Fantastic

A player called “Elimina” on Steam has nearly completed work on a recreation of the prologue level from Mirror’s Edge in zombie parkour game Dying Light, and it looks pretty stellar.

In the description on the Steam workshop page, Elimina discusses how much work has been done to get the map as close to Mirror’s Edge as possible and how much work is left:

This map is an exact 1:1 scale version of the map with every corner and detail almost identical using Dying Light’s resources. So far, this map is made up of 108 screenshots from mirrors edge [sic] to get the scale and spacing of objects exactly a [sic] it would be in Mirror’s Edge. I only have the map ‘completed’ up to the end of the Interior [sic] section, but I plan to add even more detail that is missing, get the buildings that are outside of the map completed, and add sound effects to make it feel like a real city.

It’s a pretty incredible to see how well Dying Light’s assets can be used to recreate Mirror’s Edge with such accuracy. It mostly just looks like a dirtier, more realistic version of Mirror’s Edge’s much cleaner, more clinical city.

You can check out more screenshots of the mod and follow its progress on the Steam workshop page.