Gamer Beats Banjo-Kazooie Using Dance Pad

It’s difficult beating video games, trying to collect everything and not have the dreaded ‘game over’ screen pop up. Some gamers have a hard time using their hands for that, now imaging successfully beating a game using your feet.

Nick Hagman is one gamer not too shy to show off his toes when playing video games. In his most recent playthrough, he completed Banjo-Kazooie using only a dance pad meant for games like Dance Dance Revolution. It’s a feat worth talking about since he collected every Jiggy, music note, Mumbo skull and more. He even defeated the final boss with only one honeycomb of health left! This isn’t his first run at playing games this way, you can view all his accomplishments on his YouTube account.

Congratulations Nick, you’ve got some serious foot-eye coordination, now give those puppies a rest. You can watch the entire video down below.