New Champ Select Will be Delayed

The new champ select that was supposed to be out Jan. 13 has been delayed.

In a tweet by Riot Lyte there have been some issues with the latest patch so we’ll have to wait a whole day until we get the new champ select screen. Barring any other setbacks the new champ select will launch Jan 14 in NA and proceed to roll out from there if all goes well. Remember this will go active on ranked and normal queues and it’ll replace team builder if you’re a fan of that option.

Lastly, there’s a PSA going around telling players to lock in your champs when this goes live. As of right now if you just choose a champ and wait for the timer to go down it counts as a dodge and WILL NOT automatically lock in your champion. Apparently 20% of people in the PBE ran into this issue.