tinyBuild ‘Four-nification’ Reveal #3: Lovely Planet Arcade

Welcome back to our coverage of tinyBuild’s “Four-nification” week! Day 3 is now upon us, and with it comes the (correctly predicted) reveal of Lovely Planet Arcade, the sequel to 2014’s stylish indie hit Lovely Planet. The teaser below doesn’t reveal much at the moment, but according to the details, LPA will have over one hundred levels, an original soundtrack by Calum Bowen, and an old-school FPS experience so back-to-basics that it won’t even allow the player to look up or down.

How does that last bit work, given how much fast-paced shooting and jumping was in the original? tinyBuild says all will be revealed in a large-scale playtest at PAX South this month. For the rest of us who would rather wait for the whole shebang, Lovely Planet Arcade will be due out in Summer 2016 on Steam.