Alienware Launches Preorders for its Oculus-Ready PCs


+ you’re a member of the contingent that wants to experience high quality virtual reality, but you don’t have a gaming rig or the desire to build one, then you’re in luck, as Alienware has officially launched preorders for its line of VR-ready PCs.

Two VR Capable X51 PCs, one sporting an i5 and the other having an 17, can now be prepurchased on Alienware’s website for the respective starting prices of $1199 and $1349. Oculus recently revealed that the Rift would require a pretty beefy PC, and when you take a look at the starting specs for these two machines, that becomes abundantly clear.


Allienware has guaranteed that all preortders will be fulfilled before the Oculus Rift officially launches on March 28.