‘Bounties’ Revealed For Dying Light In New Trailer

It seems Bounties will be making their way to Dying Light when the first expansion releases this February.

In the latest episode of their “Enhancements Highlight” series leading up to The Following’s release, Techland took some time to tell you and I about the new feature and how it will work.

According to Techland, these new bounties will be a great way to boost XP, max out skill trees and achieve the new ‘Legend Levels’ that will be added with the release of The Following.

Bounties in Dying Light will focus on three categories. Basic bounties, which have nothing to do with Starbucks or Uggs, will be challenges for you to complete on your own. Something like doing a bunch of quests, or cutting off a certain number of undead heads will grant you unique rewards.

The second category will be Dailies. These bounties will be issued out by Techland each day and will challenge you to do something extremely dangerous, but at great reward. In the video, they talk about a daily where the player is tasked with finding the tallest structure in the game, climbing it, and jumping off without dying. Dailies seem to be the most challenging of the challenges, so be sure to check those out, you daredevils.

And finally, Community Challenges will be group-effort based bounties where if the goal is met in the designated time-frame, everyone who participated will earn a reward. An example of a community challenge they put in the video is 1 million zombies killed. So the challenge will be big, but when the community is all working towards the goal, success is surely not impossible.

Check out the Highlight video here:

Dying Light: The Following comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 9th. The Following expansion is available as a separate purchase, part of the season pass, or as part of the Enhanced Edition.