Final Fantasy Explorers Gets New Legacy Trailer

Upcoming action RPG Final Fantasy Explorers will allow players to transform into one of eleven Final Fantasy characters like Cloud, Tidus, Lightning, and Terra. While the distribution of games per character isn’t equal, Final Fantasy characters are available as tools of destruction when the player enters the game’s Trance Mode while in combat. This allows players to use the power of the these popular characters and harness their famous ultimate attacks. Local town moogles can provide players with the rare quests they’ll need to complete to gain access to these characters.

The traditionally crystal-centric story of the game sees the world on the brink of war due to a waning supply of crystals. Players must form exploration parties to journey into danger for the newly discovered Grand Crystal.

See the infographic below for all the available Final Fantasy characters in the game. The latest “Final Fantasy Legacy” trailer is below it as well, if you’re looking for some fresh gameplay. Final Fantasy Explorers is due out January 26 for Nintendo 3DS.

Final Fantasy Explorers - Playable Final Fantasy Character Infographic

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