Fortified PC and Xbox One Release Date Revealed

Fortified was one of the more interesting games at PAX Prime a couple of years back, and after a long development cycle, the tower-defense/third-person shooter is finally set to launch. Developer Clapfoot has revealed that Fortified will officially launch on February 3 on Xbox One and Steam.

The hook is simple; Fortified is a third-person horde-style third-person shooter set in a cartoony version of the 1950s. One to four player squads are tasked with taking out waves of aliens attempting to destroy the team’s base, all while using zany weapons after a brief tower defense-style light strategy period. It’s the type of game that is clearly going for a more fun and exciting vibe than some of its genre’s more serious counterparts, and from the early build we played at the aforementioned event, it succeeds on that front.