Psychological Horror Layers of Fear Announced

Following a successful period in Early Access via Steam and Xbox, Polish developer Blooper Team have today announced Layer of Fear, a brand new psychological horror that will be coming to both console and PC platforms next month. Taking the role of a tormented painter as he fruitlessly battles his inner demons and troubled past to put onto canvas his crowning achievement, Layers of Fear promises to be both tormenting and fearful, not to mention a ‘masterpiece’ (their words, not ours) within contemporary horror.

Speaking on their partnership with Blooper Team to publish the game, Aspyr Media’s vice president of publishing, Elizabeth Howard, describes how they wanted to be a part of sharing the game with the world.

‘Many game developers pour their blood, sweat and tears into creating great games, but the folks at Bloober Team brought a new meaning to this term while creating Layers of Fear. It’s truly been a blast working with a group so dedicated to the craft of beautifully scaring the sh!t out of people, and adding in our own flavor of insanity.’

Layers of Fear will be released for PS4, Xbox One & PC on February 16. You can check out the announcement trailer below.