Pre-Orders Open for Lightning Kick Chun-Li Figure

Chun-Li is an icon of video games and fighting games in particular. She’s well-known for her signature move Hyakuretsukyaku, also known as Lightning Kick. Now, pre-orders are available to own a special figure by BigBoyToys depicting Chun-Li performing the attack.

The Street Fighter martial artist comes on a stand that lights up when you press the button. The faster you press, the more realistic her Lightning Kick becomes. Mashing it brings back all the 90s arcade nostalgia. You can pre-order the figure now from Play-Asia for about $90.00, but it won’t be shipping until February.

Check out a little demo of Chun-Li in the video below where she happens to make an excellent version of a night light. It’s official name is┬áStreet Fighter T.N.C. 03: Chun-Li if you plan searching for it on your own.