First Glimpse at Canceled PSP Game ‘Saints Row Undercover’

Saints Row is one of those series that has just gotten better (and more insane) as it has gone along. Much like Grand Theft Auto, however, it’s also an open world game that lends itself well to handheld play due to the copious amounts of game time it offers. Unfortunately, there has never been a portable Saints Row game, but it turns out that’s not for lack of trying.

Volition has today released a video detailing a canceled PSP game called Saints Row Undercover. The game was intended to be a handheld port of Saints Row 2, but they quickly realized that it would prove difficult and the plug was pulled in 2009.

Check out the video below which gives details on the release and shares snippets of footage. More still, Volition will be streaming it live on January 28 at 2pm PT on their Twitch channel.