Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Long Dark, Consortium: The Tower, Eleven Others

Screenshot Saturday rides again!  In exactly the way a weekly occurrence tends to, oddly enough.  Each week sees developers show what they’ve been up to, all roped in under the #screenshotsaturday hashtag.  This usually-weekly feature showcases a dozen, plus bonus image, based on no criteria other than the images looking neat.  It’s an arbitrary selection process, sure, but seeing as the alternatives are A) do nothing or B) write about several hundred games, it’s at least a system that works.  The usual disclaimers are as follows-  No game, biggest AAA or smallest indie, is guaranteed-awesome simply due to a fun image.  Also, animated .gifs are far more entertaining when you click on the blue arrows to make ’em move.

Consortium: The Tower- Described as Deus Ex meets Die Hard, you play as officer Bishop Six and can work your way through the tower in whatever way you see fit.  Talk, shoot, sneak, or any combination of methods.  You can play the entire game without raising a weapon, if you want to go full RPG, or blow people up as in the above animation.  It’s currently on Kickstarter and off to a decent start, which makes sense for a project looking this sharp.

Project Defender for Hire-  Voxel-based tower defense game.  Set up your traps and take out the enemies in the standard fashion, but it might be a good idea to take enemy resistances into account.  Maybe a Holy Water buff might have made that sledgehammer a bit more useful, but really a magic attack would have been a better idea all around.

Unknown-  Whatever this incredibly stylish shooter is, it doesn’t have a name.  It does have an amazing-looking giant enemy snake-thing with huge clamping jaws, though, so it makes up for its namelessness in other ways.

Inner Space-  Very pretty flight game featuring open skies, cramped caverns, gorgeous scenery, and even underwater exploration.  The worlds are a series of spheres you explore the insides of, with gravity pushing away from the center, and the different areas are connected in a watery system like bubbles in the ocean.  Fly, explore, and meet the deity of each area to learn the history of the worlds.

Crimson Keep-  First-person semi-roguelike action RPG.  Pick a character class and run through dungeons grabbing anything you can carry, fighting hordes of monsters that look like they were inexpertly hand-carved from a pine block.  It’s an interesting and unique art style that adds a lot of personality to the creatures.  I keep looking for the marionette strings.

A Light in Chorus-  This is a game of exploration and particles, with every item, place, creature, and chunk of scenery made of hundreds of points of light.  There’s not a lot of info on A Light in Chorus beyond that, honestly, but whatever it turns out to be, there’s no question it’s going to be beautiful.

Yellow Helmets-  A construction game that’s actually available right now, name your own price, over at  Judging by the gameplay here, you can break everything and leave behind nothing more than a pile of debris, making it an instant winner.  It’s in an ultra-early alpha at the moment, but under steady development.

Fulcrum-  What do you make after the neon-colored audio-based puzzler FRACT?  How about a snowboarding game?  Fulcrum started as a game-jam game and took on a life of its own, with Phosfiend Systems teaming up with fellow indie dev Ben Swindon to create a first-person snowboarding game exploring an endless mountain of snow and color.  Note- snowy mountains are not, in real life, known for their pulsing neon colors.

A Quiver of Crows- Twin-stick shooter starring a jet-black crow in a world where the foreground is in stark silhouette and the background is vibrantly colorful.  It’s not well known that crows come armed with lasers to fight off skeletal demon-birds, but nature is filled with strange wonders.

Dad by the Sword-  Wonderfully bizarre first-person sword fighting game inspired by Dark Messiah of Might & Magic and the dorky feeling one has being a parent and knowing you’ll never be cool again.  Dad by the Sword combines its weirdness and dad-humor with what would be incredibly brutal combat, breaking off armor and then slicing the undefended limbs clean off, except it somehow ends up more funny than vicious.

Block’hood-  This is a game about building a skyscraper that doubles as a single neighborhood, kind of like a modular arcology from Sim City.  The tower is composed of blocks that rely on each other to work properly, such as a tree needing water to improve air quality.  You can build as you like but a functioning tower requires a careful balance of blocks all dependent on each others’ output.

Lieve Oma-  There’s not a lot of info on this one, but basically it’s aobut a little guy in a green cape walking through a forest at the height of the fall foliage with his grandma.  The name “Lieve Oma” means Dear Grandma, and is thematically autobiographical rather than literally.  It’s also very pretty.

Bonus Image-

The Long Dark-  A familiar image for just about the entire East Coast right now.  Keep warm out there, and drive carefully if you have to go outside.  Or point and laugh, if you’re nowhere near the blizzard’s path.  Whichever works.