Hover Junkers Heads into Space for Five New Minutes of Gameplay

Virtual Reality is quickly approaching and hardware manufactures would like us to believe that it’s the future. This may be true, but hardcore gamers know the real test of hardware is not the hardware itself. It’s the games.

Hover Junkers will be one of the first games we get to play when it releases in April alongside HTC Vive. Until then, we get a new gameplay footage showing off the Space Elevator.

In the new trailer, we’re given three perspectives; full body, eyesight, and of course what the game will look like. VR can be hard to explain, but this new Hover Junkers trailer does a great job at showing us what we can expect.

Hover Junkers is a multiplayer shooter that puts the guns in your hands. In this world, players build hovering forts out of junk they’ve scavenged. When you come across another player, you must duck and dodge in your own fort while popping out at opportune moments to land a bullet in your opponent.

The single player campaign promises to inspire similar experiences to those had in survival story games like Oregon Trail.

Hover Junkers will be a launch title for HTC Vive in April and Oculus Touch in Q3-Q4. If you would like to get involved in the development, head on over to their Indiegogo page or check out their live stream on Twitch.