Inti Creates Performing at MAGFest This Year

With the Music And Gaming Festival “MAGFest” coming up, the event runners have announced that the Inti Creates sound team will be attending to provide guests with two concerts: Lumen Super Live 2016, dedicated to action platformer Azure Strike Gunvolt, and a special Inti Creates 20th Anniversary concert with music from a variety of their past games like Mega Man Zero.

Performers will include Ippo Yamada, Godspeed, Yamajet, Luna Umegaki, Megu Sakuragawa (aka Lumen), and more. Video game music cover bands will be in attendance as well, including The OneUps. Composers like GoldenEye and Banjo-Kazooie’s Grant Kirkhope, Deus Ex’s Alexander Brandon, and Journey’s (the game) Austin Wintory will be performing as well. Finally, video game comedy band Ninja Sex Party will be there as well.

Music fans interested in going to this year’s MAGFest in National Harbor, Maryland, on February 18 through February 21, can check out the event site here.