Megadimension Neptunia­ VII Gets Updated Trailer and Tons of Screenshots

Megadimension Neptunia­ VII is about to hit for PS4 in North America (Feb. 2) and Europe (Feb. 12). We’ve seen the CPUs and their NEXT Forms, and now to celebrate the game’s impending launch, Idea Factory International has a double header of screenshots for you.

In the screenshots, we meet Gold Third — new characters who seem to hold CPU goddess levels of sway over Gamindustri — as well as the CPU Candidates in HD battle.

In additional, an updated trailer has been released that show’s the game’s release dates.

The first PS4 game in the Neptunia series, this installment features new characters, 3 worlds to save and 3 stories to play, a new powerful transformation mode, extra features to the battle system and a new dungeon minigame so you can get all the items you need for you and all of your new allies to save Gamindustri.