Tron RUN/r Gets a Release Date, Now Coming to Consoles

Disney’s upcoming Tron RUN/r, a stylish runner game set in The Grid, has gotten a firm release date of February 16 and will now be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as the already-announced PC version.

The game, which has been out in Early Access on PC since its reveal at The Game Awards in December 2015, allows players to create and customize an avatar, then challenges them to dash through 30 levels in the digital frontier as fast as possible. There’s leaderboard support, of course, and a “Stream” mode allows players to run through remixed existing levels.

Tron RUN/r is a weird but exciting proposition from Disney, given that the company has already killed off the planned sequel to 2010’s Tron: Legacy movie. Tron items still permeate through mashup game Disney Infinity, so it’s not completely unprecedented to see Tron making an appearance in video game form even after dying on the way to back to the silver screen, but it’s still a curious move, and you have to wonder if Disney is testing the market’s appetite for more Tron.

Tron RUN/r will leave Early Access on PC and release on PS4 and XBO on February 16 and will cost $20.