New Twilight Princess Trailer Shows Off HD

A new trailer for the upcoming re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess showcases both the story and the new, HD graphics.

The trailer essentially takes us through the beginning of the game. We see Hyrule being overtaken, we see Link as a young man being introduced to the threat and we see him become the wolf that Midna so admires.

The more notable aspect of the trailer is the HD. This version looks considerably better than the 2006 edition, although obviously is does not hold up to any big triple A games on PS4 or Xbox One. For anyone who wants to relive the amazing temples from Twilight Princess, though, this just may be the remaster for you.

Check out the trailer in full HD right here:

The HD version of Twilight Princess is set for release on March 4 of this year and a new Zelda game is in the works.