tinyBuild’s Latest Game is a Total Clustertruck

So after having gone through three straight weeks of new releases and reveals from tinyBuild, I just happened to make a little quip last time about their recent outpouring. As it turns out, this did not go unnoticed by them…

…and they seem to have taken that as a challenge, because direct from PAX South, tinyBuild has unveiled yet another new game for us. This time, we’re treated to the joy that is Clustertruck, from Landfall Games. Described as a physics-based “truckformer,” the game involves having to jump through entire levels made of speeding trucks driven by less-than-stellar drivers, like the most gonzo action scene ever made stretched out into an entire game. And of course, it gets a bit trickier once the lasers, flamethrowers, tesla coils and whatnot appear.

Clustertruck is due out in Fall 2016 on Steam. For those of you at PAX South this weekend, you can stop by tinyBuild’s booth and give it a whirl. For the rest of us, you can sign up for the alpha testing on the game’s site as well. But will tinyBuild have yet even more games to reveal in the coming weeks? Can they keep this going every week for a full year, even? Here’s hoping, because their games look damn awesome indeed.