Visceral Games’ Star Wars Title is Still Years Away

Visceral Games has an all-star team working on a new Star Wars game. However, we’re not likely to see it for quite sometime.

Speaking to shareholders during EA’s Q3 2016 earnings call, CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed that EA is investing in some action-based SKUs. These SKUs include Visceral Games’ upcoming project, which is being directed by all-star Amy Hennig. Jade Raymond’s upcoming game is also lumped into EA’s action category.

“We are down to less than 15 major SKUs,” said Jorgensen. “And that feels like a good size of the business and we are obviously announcing that we are investing in some action-based SKUs by bringing people like Jade Raymond and Amy Hennig into our organization to help build those. And those are obviously a few years out in our SKU plan.”

Visceral Games has quite a history delivering action games. As Redwood Studios, they developed The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, several 007 titles, and The Simpsons Game. As Visceral, they developed the Dead Space franchise and, most recently, Battlefield Hardline. Amy Hennig was the Creative Director of the Uncharted trilogy, and is bringing her expertise to the upcoming project.